The Queens CorrespondAnce School [did not die]

September 2- 24, 2016
curated by Emily Peterson Dunne

academic is proud to announce The Queens CorrespondAnce School [did not die], an exhibition consisting of mail art collaborations created from March, 2016- September, 2016.

This exhibition is a collection of extremes. Art has crisscrossed the world from the United States to as far away as South Korea. Pieces contain media as common as paper and wood to more esoteric materials such as plastic mirrors, wax, metal and plastic bags. The type of work is varied as well- from traditional pieces like etchings, paintings, and collages to poetry and conceptual work consisting of instructions.

The exhibition is curated by Emily Peterson Dunne who is the founder and operator of The Queens CorrespondAnce School, an art collective inspired by the work of Ray Johnson. The “school” has been and will continue to be open to everyone willing to collaborate by mail. To collaborate further with Dunne and other artists write to: emilypdunne {at}

Dunne founded The Queens CorrespondAnce School in July of 2012 to generate work that plays with concepts of identity and authorship. Dunne received an MA in Photography from Sarah Lawrence College in 2009 and lives in Woodside.